FAQ’s – Please find below answers to the most frequent questions asked to us.


 Q: How soon should I add my points?

A: As soon as possible, so that everyone can see how they are doing in the league, but you have until the league year closes to add your points, however in the spirit of sportsmanship we ask that you do not add all your points to the league in December!

 Q:  Some unaffiliated shows, allow dogs to run at their own level, rather than the level of the handler,

for example, where the dogs are KC Grade 3, but are allowed to run in Elementary under a different organisation, Can I claim these points in the league?

 A:   Yes, points can be claimed, just add the level at which you compete from the drop-down box.

Q:  I have won out, do I need to change my Grade?

A:  No, not for the current year. Your dog remains in the category it started in January for the duration of the year.

Changes should be made on registration the following year.

Q:  My dog did not come from a recognised ‘Rescue Society’ can he still join?

A:  YES, many dogs are rehomed through private individuals, without ever going through an organisation.


Q: What system should I use to calculate points from a KC limited show

A:  The points are the same as a KC open show. 

Q: My dog is injured/retired from competition, can I claim points for Allsorts classes?

A: Yes, but not for the main league. You are able to join the ‘allsorts’ league but these points will remain separate. Please contact admin should you require this option after registration in the main league.

Q: Why does my dog have to be registered with the KC?

A: The league needs to have criteria to work with, such as levels, official heights, recognised breeds etc. We use The Kennel Club rules & regs for this purpose.