Kennel Club & UKA classes are quite straightforward but the league aims to be as inclusive as possible therefore you can include points from Unaffiliated Shows which are held under an organisation such as Agility Addicts, Orchard Events etc. Due to the nature of unaffiliated shows, we cannot possibly cater for every class & level so please refer to the guidelines below when entering points from these shows.

If a schedule for an Unaffiliated Show is published on Agilitynet or the Agility press and is open for anyone to enter, then the show will qualify for points.

If in doubt please contact the administrator:


For example classes such as:

‘Accumulator’  you should use ‘Gamblers equivalent’ in the Class drop-down box and ‘Agility’ in the Class type

Top Score Jumping’ you should use ‘Gamblers equivalent’ in the Class drop-down box and ‘Jumping’ in the Class type.

KC Championship classes: Points can be claimed for the Jumping & Agility classes, but NOT the Final

Finals & Invitation events:  Points CANNOT be claimed for these classes.

Points CANNOT be claimed for example  Knockouts, Pairs, Pay on the Day, Teams etc, or club competitions where no rosettes are given out.

Points CAN be claimed for  Gambler ‘type’ classes, Touch n Go, Steeplechase, Helter/Skelter, TFO etc.


Some of the Unaffiliated organisations’ categories differ in that some categories allow the use of toys, or exclude certain pieces of equipment. These are designed for training and ring experience, therefore some of these categories will not be included for points. Any class that can be ‘trained’ will NOT be eligible

Below are listed some of the more popular organisations and how they compare:

Kennel ClubUKAEmdac / BAAAgility AddictsDigitAgillidogz
No points can be claimed.
Points can only be claimed if a toy is not used for the run.
Grade 1/2BeginnersPrimaryElementary / Starters / GraduateBeginnersStarters
Grade 3/4NoviceNoviceNoviceIntermediateIntermediate
Grade 5N/AN/AIntermediateAdvancedAdvanced
Grade 5/6SeniorGraduateSeniorAdvancedAdvanced
Grade 7ChampionMastersN/AAdvancedAdvanced
Allsorts / Anysize / VeteransCasualPawsability / VeteranOddsBods / VeteransVeterans / Any SizeVeterans / Any Size